Bountiful Dachshunds
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Last Updated: 10/13/2017
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We will be having some champion-bred litters due in the coming year. We are happy to provide information on these and to place you on our waiting list.  Please note that fulfillment of a waiting list request is on a first come, first serve basis.  If you are wanting to reserve a pup, please contact us as we may have pups not yet listed on our site or may know an ethical breeder who has the right pup for you. 

Due in December and ready for homes in mid to late February/March.
Waiting List has begun! Email at or call at (250)516-9948. Thank you!

Annabelle/Bilbo- Expected are Miniature Longhaired's in Black/Cream, Shaded Cream/Piebald.

Darcy/Bear- Expected are Longhaired's in Miniature and Tween size in Black/Cream or Tan, Shaded Cream, Piebalds.

Bella/Bear-  Expected are Miniature in Shaded Cream Longhaired's.

Molly/Bilbo- Expected are Miniature in Piebalds, Reds, Creams.

Molly- 11 lb. Red Longhaired
Bella-10 lb. English Cream Longhaired
Darcy- 16 lb. Black/Tan Longhaired Piebald
Annabelle- 9 lbs Black/Cream Longhaired
Bear- 10 lb. English Cream Longhaired
Bilbo- 10 lb. English Cream Longhaired Piebald