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Last Updated: 12/6/17
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 Dear Prospective Puppy Owners,

 We have some upcoming litters expected (if mothers took) for the end of 2017 and   include pups in the following  colors:

         Longhaireds and Smoothhaired's:
       -Black and Tan/Cream
       -English Cream  (Traditional Shaded) and Clear
       -Red, Shaded and Clear

        And Possibly in Patterns:

 Please Note: We sell our puppies as  pet only unless discussed with us first. A   contract signing is required at the time of sale. 
Due in December and ready for homes in mid to late February/March.
Waiting List has begun! Email at or call at (205) 516-9948.

We do take appointments to see puppies and their parents to "serious inquirers only" and we ask that you do not visit another breeders' home, a pet store or vet's office before coming to our home. Photos will not be available until the pups are at least five weeks old. Please understand that photos are very time consuming (pups don't like posing) and we need these early weeks to work with our puppies to give them a good start in life. We will update puppy photos and post online every 2-3 weeks as we can. 
Thank you for your understanding!:)

Molly- 11 lb. Red Longhaired
Bella-10 lb. English Cream Longhaired
Darcy- 16 lb. Black/Tan Longhaired Piebald
Annabelle- 9 lbs Black/Cream Longhaired
Bear- 10 lb. English Cream Longhaired
Bilbo- 10 lb. English Cream Longhaired Piebald