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Last Updated: 8/17/18
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"After several months of looking for a good dachshund breeder, we happened upon Bountiful Dachshund's website. I was impressed with the information she had on the site and decided to call. After our first conversation, I knew she was the breeder for us. Her dogs were beautiful and she spoke of them as if they were family. We got Willow on Christmas Eve 2011 and Neyland in April 2012. We were very impressed with Lynn and the care she takes with each of her dogs and puppies. The area in her home where she keeps all the dogs and puppies was clean and overall just a great "set up". Both our puppies have been healthy and such a blessing to our family. Lynn was so helpful in answering our questions. Corresponding with her was never a problem. I highly recommend Lynn as a breeder. I wouldn't get another dachshund from anyone else."
The Fletcher Family of Georgia
"Bountiful Dachshunds has the most precious and healthy puppies anyone could desire. Rudy and Bonnie were the parents of the little one we chose. Her name is Gracie Belle and she is absolutely precious and one year old now. People have often said she is the most beautiful dachshund they have ever seen. She is not only beautiful but has a million dollar personality. She can make me laugh even if I am not in a laughing mood. Bountiful is the only breeder that I would buy a puppy from. Their puppies are healthy!! They're loving Christians who put their hearts into their business/hobby. Before deciding where to go to buy my puppy, I read all the reviews of breeders in Alabama with long haired dachshunds puppies for sale. I went with my instincts and hit the jackpot!"
Jean in Albertville, Al.
"It was a real pleasure doing business with Bountiful Dachshunds. We love our little Biscuit. She is just like a child. We know something is up when we see her peeking at us around the corner with a "I'm innocent-it was not me" look on her face. To anyone looking for a puppy, if you do not want to feel that you are getting a puppy from a life-long friend, you do not want a puppy from Lynn then! She is an awesome person. I was treated like a true friend by her and all of her children. I was not rushed to leave and Lynn was more than happy to show me around and let me visit with all her animals. My mother had breast cancer at the time. Lynn always kept a check on my mother (as Lynns' sister and father were battling breast cancer at the same time) and prayed to God on her behalf. These days, most people do not want to mention God. It was a true blessing to meet a fellow Christian who is not ashamed to speak about how great our maker is. To wrap it up, Lynn is a wonderful, honest Christian woman and if you are looking for a special puppy to purchase from a special lady, you have found the place to make it happen."
"Our two dachshunds age 16 and 15 died last year. We were heartbroken. After many months we decided to adopt a new puppy. We looked for a breeder that loved dachshunds and one we felt we could trust. I found Bountiful Dachshunds website and was impressed with what I read. In August, after talking to Lynn several times on the phone, we decided to drive from Tennessee to see her puppies. Lynn was so extremely nice to us and let us play with the puppies (who were weaned at the time) as well as visit their parents. The pups were all very socialized and well adjusted. You could just tell they were part of her family, and she wanted good, loving homes for her babies. As it turned out, we adopted two beautiful females instead of only one. Our babies are just wonderful and our vet is very pleased with their disposition and physical condition. We constantly get compliments from others regarding their beauty and personalities. We highly recommend Bountiful Dachshunds and Lynn if you love dachshunds and are interested in adding and adding a new four legged member to your family!"
By Gail and Tommy in Jackson, TN
"We adopted our new family member Kody Boy from Bountiful Dachshunds in June. Lynn was super nice and very helpful and accomodating. She kept in contact with us the first couple of weeks to help with concerns and questions. It is very comforting to know that Bountiful Dachshunds loves and cares for all their dachshunds very much and therfore are able to breed happy healthy puppies. Our little  Kody has fit right in with our family and has been a joy to have around. Thank you Lynn!"
The Gafney's of B'ham, Al.
Thank you to the families and friends who have purchased one of our dachshunds and given them a loving, nurturing and stable home. One of the biggest blessings that I have had in raising these little guys and gals, is meeting new people from all walks of life and making new friends who share a common interests in taking care of these delightful creatures God has made. They truly are therapy dogs, especially when lots of love, time, consistency, patience and understanding are given to them. They are truly committed and loyal to their masters/owners!  Lynn Harper
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The Bountiful Dachshunds website set Lynn apart from many others in the southeast that we had seen. So we made an appointment and placed a deposit to choose our puppies. When my husband and I visited her home, we knew as soon as we walked in that we made the right choice. Lynn greeted us with three of the sweetest girl dachshunds at her feet. They were beautiful, affectionate, and well behaved. One of them was the mother of our puppies.  We went into the side room of their home where the puppies were and there was so much sweetness in that room! The three dachshund girls followed us as we walked in their to view the sweet puppies. Tails were wagging, so happy to be petted. Some would roll over for a tummy rub and all were obviously healthy and happy. Her set up for them was just ideal!  Our puppies were only 26 days old and the entire litter of six greeted us with their tiny tails wagging. We were quite surprised such young puppies were that friendly. We also met the father of the litter who was quite handsome and equally affectionate. We met several adult dogs while we visited and all were beautiful with the sweetest dispositions. I asked my husband who is a veterinarian, what stood out to him during our visit and he said that Lynn's 10 year old retired mama dachshund came to him and asked politely to be picked up. He obliged and she instantly snuggled into his arms. Any dog that affectionate has been cared for lovingly. 
We left knowing that Lynn does all of that hard work because she loves animals just like we do. She obviously breeds for disposition and health which is what really matters to us. Lynn also wants other families to experience the love from a dachshund like her own family has received. What more could you ask? 
Carol T.
Atlanta, GA