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Last Updated: 8/17/18
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"Ever since the creation of the world his eternal power and divine nature invisible though they are, have been understood and seen through the things He has made. So they are without excuse." Rom. 1:20

Occasionally, we are able to offer adult dachshunds that we've fostered. At this time, we will be having some wonderful adult dogs (ages 5-6) that will become available this summer (2018).....females. If an adult or older pup is of interest to you,  feel free to contact us with your preferences and we'll let you know if, or as soon as, we have a dog that matches your description. This is a very hard for us, as we're quite attached and are very discerning and careful as to where they will go. We ask they come back to us if they shouldn't work out.  Some things you must know is, they are crate trained for night time and like their crate for naps and/or when we leave to go to the store, etc. 

As with any dog changing environments, they will need to adjust and adapt to their new people and environment whichcan take some time. It's rare for that to happen immediately and it's not uncommon for them to attach to one person initially. For the few we have placed in new homes, they adjusted within 2-4 weeks with house training, etc. Ours are also use to a fenced yard, someone being home a lot of the time, one level house with no more than one to two steps (discouraging jumping on furniture, though ours think they need to be on the couch with us) and having playmates to play with and some may do well with children more than others and some may do well with just one person. Our dogs do not do well with cats.

 An adult dog is not for everyone, as a puppy is a blank slate so to speak.  They require a schedule, time, consistency and their new humans not being overly anxious/ worrying and setting too high of expectations, as animals feel negative and positive energy from others around them.  Another thing that is helpful before attaining an adult dog is to study the breed  well.  Feel free to email to inquire and tell me about you, your set up and then we may proceed from that point by sending photos and setting up a time for a visit.  Thank you!:)